Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger decided it was time to hang up the governor's suit and get back to movies, he's been appearing in some cool flicks, including all three Expendables movies (yes, they're releasing a third one), another Sylvester Stallone flick called Escape Plan, and his return to cop action with The Last Stand.

Now, he's bringing back his '80s hardcore action style, and mixing it with modern day gritty action and violence to bring us, "Sabotage!"  It's from the writer of "Training Day" and the director of "End of Watch," so it should be pretty freaking good.

Arnold is a DEA agent and after a gigantic bust, things begin to go south, and Arnold has to clean up the mess.  I can't wait for this one.  It comes out March 28.

Beware, this trailer is wildly NSFW!  Literally, the third word spoken is f***.  And there's a bit of awesome boobage.