Alright, if you have recurring dreams about being chased or your teeth falling out, you’re not a closet homo sexual or a serial killer! Apparently you’re just normal. Some chicks I was hanging with at a bar last week told me about a dream expert guy they saw on TV who just finished up a world wide study about what people dream about the most.

This dream expert guy wanted to study peoples dreams all around the world, and not just in this country, and he found that the 10 most common dreams people have around the entire world are, being chased, teeth falling out, losing control of a car, getting in trouble at school, looking for a place to hide but not finding it, falling, eating food, having to take a big lumpy dump but not being able to find a toilet, flying, and having a celebrity fall in love with them. So if any of you guys have those types of recurring dreams, than you’re pretty much just like everyone else in the world.

However, if you don’t have those kinds of dreams and you dream about flowers and gardening and fashion and shoes, then this guy says there is a fairly significant chance you are a closet homosexual and or serial killer! Hahahaha! Really?! But what does this so called dream expert guy really know anyway? I think all those guys are full of crap anyway. But you take it anyway you want!