With monstrous groups such as Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth, should Anthrax be higher on the big ass bill known as the Big 4? Should Anthrax be considered one of the BIG 4?

Anthrax has really made a HUGE comeback this 2011. From playing the BIG 4 show, releasing a new album named 'Worship Music,' and even headlining a tour with Testament. Drummer from Anthrax Charlie Benante just wishes they were higher on the bill;

Benante told the Houston Press:

"There’s nothing we could have done about it. We just wanted to be there. It was a big homecoming, especially for myself, growing up in the Bronx with Yankee Stadium in my backyard. There was an excitement around the whole day for us. And we knew it would go quick, so we just tried to grab onto everything and have the most memories that we could. And my family and friends were all there.”

I guess everyone wishes for bigger and better (that's what she said...) and this dude is no different. The Big 4 had to start somewhere, and Anthrax fit that bill perfectly. At least he isn't a dick about it and doesn't play the show!