There's a stoner that works here at the radio station that we lovingly refer to as Stoner Andy.  He's an odd fellow, but we like him well enough.  He's a pretty funny guy who was made famous to listeners of our show because of his epic "Woah, that chair let out a moan" quote when he broke a char at Zane's house at Loser Thanksgiving.

Andy came to me a while back and told us about this intern he had (who we all just assume does his job for him because, well, Andy is a big stoner who typically forgets the beginning of the sentence by the time he reaches the end of it) who is an animation whiz.  "Like, do you have any, like, animation needs?", he asked in his stoner stumble.

We quickly decided that it would be pretty cool to see animated versions of What Hot Wings Thinks, Hot Wings' daily commentary with his take on anything from politics to pop culture.  After about 40 hours of work, intern Robby presented us with some badass animated versions of the segment which can be seen here and here.  Well folks, here's the latest.  A few weeks back, Hot Wings' commentary focussed on Lindsay Lohan hosting SNL after a long hiatus.

The Paula Deen part gets me every time!  Well done, Robby.  Keep making Andy look good!