After months of waiting to see what this movie would look like, YouTube sensation and Indie Filmmaker James Rolfe more widely known as the Angry Video Game Nerd has finally unveiled a brand new trailer to his highly anticipated movie! He also has unveiled showing dates for his movie in theaters!

The AVGN Movie is complete! Check out the full new trailer below!

Then out of left field, James Rolfe has posted his first showings of the movie! He is also currently working on a DVD/Blu-Ray version of the movie. Knowing how big of an Angry Video Game Nerd fan that I am, I will purchase this movie at some point.

There are no dates set for Grand Rapids or even Michigan! The closest at this time is in Chicago, IL. Do yourself a favor and head over to his website and comment that you demand a showing take place in Grand Rapids! I already did!

Get all the info on the movie at his website,!

For those who don't know who AVGN is, here is one of his classic video's.