Alter Bridge hit the stage in one of their last performances before Myles hits the road this summer with Slash, and Mark begins more work on his next solo Tremonti CD.  

They roared onto the main stage at Rock on the Range with their huge song, "Addicted to Pain", and got the crowd riled up and ready for their set of great song after great song!

Myles sounded amazing, and Mark ripped out the solos to the songs, while Brian and Scott kept the groove going throughout the set.  

Alter Bridge is an amazing band live, and you really get to enjoy the guitar work of both Mark and Myles throughout the set. Check it out!

Check out our short little Behind the Scenes with Alter Bridge, where we talk about warm-ups, what songs you should learn, getting on stage, and Mark's new guitar, "Joe."

You'll also find out what song Brian thinks you should learn on the bass, what Scott thinks you should be able to play on drums, and Mark talks about what to make sure you learn to be a better guitar player!