AC/DC singer Brian Johnson reveals that the Australian rock legends plan to release a live disc sometime in the near future.

Rock AAA is reporting that the CD/DVD set features shows from AC/DC's three-day stint in December of 2009 at the River Plate Stadium in Argentina.

“We’ve got a new live album which we shot in Argentina at the end of the last tour, which was about September," Johnson said.  "There was 300,000 people there, and it was just wonderful.  We had about 12 cameras there and a great sound crew, and we just enjoyed the heck out of it.  The live album comes out, with the video of those concerts, in about six weeks or something.  So I’m looking forward to that.”

Aside from that, don't expect anything new from AC/DC any time soon.  The group is taking a much needed rest.

“After that, we haven’t made any plans; we just wanted to have a rest, ’cause we were on the road for two years.  We played in front of five million people, and we deserve a rest, I think.  We’re pretty pooped.  I know that sounds horrible to people that work hard, but believe me, it is hard work.”

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd also faces an uncertain future with the band, as he was convicted of drug possession in New Zealand. If the conviction stands, Rudd would not be allowed to travel in most countries of the world, the U.S. included.

Do you plan on picking up AC/DC's live CD/DVD set?  It'll probably be the closest thing to seeing them in concert that you're going to get for awhile.

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