We live in an amazing world.  Amazing things happen everyday.  Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get to see those things first hand.  Most times we do not, but a photo can be just as breathtaking.  This gallery is a collection of some incredible images.  But beware, in addition to touching, joyous and beautiful images, this gallery contains images of death and grief.

Before you start checking out these images, you need to learn something.  Reddit and Imgur are the two greatest websites on the internet (yes, even better than WGRD.com)  All of these images came from Reddit and Imgur.  If you want to see everything that is posted on Facebook before it's posted, if you want to hear every breaking news story before it is broken, and if you want to see every viral video before it's viral...  Check out those sites!

I wish I could give context to all of these photos and I wish I could give credit to the photographers, but I can't.  If you would like the gallery removed for copyright purposes, please email me steven.bohner@townsquaremedia.com and I will remove it as soon as I receive the email.

Now on to the photos...  Redditor, SlackingAlready, made an amazing post on Reddit with some of his favorite images from last year.  Enjoy.