I had way too much fun at the Wayland/Jackyl show this past Friday at The Intersection. WAY too much fun. In retrospect I probably should have taken things a bit easier. Either way, Wayland put on a kick ass show as did Jackyl. Of course being the "selfie queen" I woke up to a plethora of pictures on my phone. Check them out, If you were at the show then I hope you had as much fun as I did!

The day always starts like this, kickin back in the studio in my running clothes
The day took a turn when Rockford Brewing Company came in and brought Shaffee and I each a Growler!
With Mitch and Tyler of Wayland before the show
selfie with Dean!
Tyler gettin his massage on before rockin the drums
there was a great turnout!
Phil was very sweaty after their set!
Possibly the best picture of the night, oh Producer Steve....
Check it out, Jackyls Bassist, Roman has a pretty sweet Red Wings tat!
RIght before Jackyl went on I snagged Jesse for a pic!