Its always fun drinking with a guy who has brother that is a prison guard! I was killing bees with my buddy Dave recently and he told me his brother told him about this. Back in March a 33 year old Chicago chick named Ashika went to visit a friend who was doing life in prison for murder. And per prison policy, they search each visitor’s car when they enter the prison grounds.

But Ashika wouldn't let them search her car, so prison officials got suspicious. When she finally agreed to let them search her car, they found a bunch of weed hidden under the seat. And after they arrested Ashika, they strip searched her, and guess what they found when they did that? A 9mm hand gun hidden in her Vagina! Yes, somehow she had managed to wiggle a 9mm hand gun up into her vagina! I guess her plan was to somehow pass it off to her friend she was there to visit. Now I don't know much about guns or vagina’s, but I do know that those 9mm hand guns tend to be like 8 or 9 inches long! And that’s not even including the handle of the gun! And it was loaded!

How the hell a chick could hide a 9mm hand gun inside her Hoo-hoo is beyond me....but apparently it can be done! Maybe we can ask 33 year old Ashika how she did it when she gets out of jail in 6 months, that’s all she got for trying to smuggle the gun into the prison. Maybe her vagina was as big as the state of Virginia, and she could hide all kinds of things in there no problem!