Welcome to the wide world of the interwebs! Chalk full of all sorts of hilarity and weirdness.  And sifting through that weirdness for some actual funny content can be a little hard to do.  So I made it a little easier for you, enjoy 8 Internet Jokes you Need to Know!

Before we get started their are a few terms and websites you must be familiar with...

4chan.org - 4chan is an image based forum that does not require users to register, so anyone can participate.  This forum catapults several of the jokes below into the viral universe.  Be weary though, their is some f'ed up things on 4chan... see for your self.

reddit.com - Reddit is very similar to 4chan, except it doesn't suck... 

meme - an idea or element of social behaviour passed on through generations in a culture, esp by imitation (as defined by the dictionary).  Bur for our purposes, a meme is a picture with a hilarious effing caption.

webisode - a webisode is an episode of a cartoon or TV show that was made specifically for the web.

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    I Can Has Cheezburger?

    Yay it's Caturday!

    This web based phenomenon was originally created in 2007 as a weblog for users to upload their lolcats (memes of cats and other animals). After only a short time the website blew up and now boasts as many as 1,500,000 visitors per day. This further strengthens the perception that porn and kitty cats are the true driving force behind the internet! Below you will find a YouTube video highlighting some of the best 'I Can Has Cheezburger' entries.

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    Never Gonna Give You Up!

    Rickrolling is the act of fooling someone into watching Rick Astley's video of "Never Gonna Give You Up!" Rickrolling became popular on the social media forum 4chan, and then quickly spread to the rest of the internet. A couple notable rickrolls include; a NY Mets contest being rigged which resulted in "Never Gonna Give You Up" being played at the 2008 home opener (the crowd responded by excessive booing), and Rick Astley himself showing up for 2008 Macy's Day Parade and rickrolling the crowd by appearing on a float and interrupting a song with "Never Gonna Give You Up".

    Did you just watch that? You just got RICKROLLED!

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    Om Nom Nom Nom

    If you're not saying it out loud, you're doing it wrong

    "Om Nom Nom Nom" says the hungry dump truck. The Om Nom Nom Nom trend blew up with a popular picture surfacing on I Can Has Cheezburger. The picture recieved 6,000 up votes and brought about many copycat memes. In August 2007, shortly after the meme surfaced on ICHC, OmNomNomNom.com was registered. Below is a video of some more notable Om Nom Nom Nom memes.

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    Karate Kyle

    "They called me four eyes. Now I call them no eyes!"

    Karate Kyle is a popular meme that really got traction on 4chan and reddit, two popular social media forums. Kyle probably had his picture taken after he received his orange belt. He was so proud that he wanted all his friends to know how he was excelling at his Karate classes. So poor Kyle posted his photo on Facebook... only to have his "friends" use the image for purposes THAT DON'T ALIGN WITH THE KARATE CODE! OK, fun story, definitely not true. But no matter how this image arrived on the interwebs, it has provided us with tons of meme fun!

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    Nyan Cat


    This is an odd one, the Nyan Cat. It started out as a cute little animated picture of a pop-tart cat being propelled through space by a rainbow jet... or something like that. That picture was then put to the song "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" and low and behold it ripped the internet a new A-hole! The Nyan cat shows up all over the internet now a days, in the form of games, as massive weaponry in first person shooters, and in a variety of nationalities. I don't totally understand the Nyan Cat, but don't be surprised if it sticks around the current web culture for a little bit.

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    Homestar Runner

    "I know how 'em duckie goes! Wack wack."

    Homestar Runner is a series of animated webisodes featuring a whole range of lovable characters. Homestar Runner is probably the longest running web cartoon. Below is my favorite Homestar Runner character, Strongbad. The video, titled 'Dragon', has turned into a bit of a web phenomenon in and of itself. The song 'Trogdor' even showed up in Guitar Hero II for PS2 and Xbox 360.

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    GI Joe PSA Announcements

    Porkchop Sandwiches!
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    Yeah, that's right... Hitler!

    Adolf Hitler, one of the most evil men in history, has become one of the Internets biggest jokes. Hitler shows up all over the place, including (but not limited to); memes, videos, and cartoons. It's nice to see that so many people can rally behind the simple concept of making this A-hole look like an even bigger A-hole... all while having a smile! Below is an example of a "Hitler Reacts" video.