Vending machines have revolutionized convenience for simple items like soda, candy, snacks and even movies now.Well, the vending machine world has a dark side and WGRD is about to show you exactly HOW dark. BEHOLD! The most bizarre and twisted vending machine on the planet.

When You Really Need a Live Crab

How many times have you been walking through an airport or a mall and that oh-so-familiar need hits ya. Of course we're talking about the insatiable craving for live crab. Japan has revolutionized vending and figured out a way to make crab nightmares come true.

Whiskey and M&M'S

There are things in this world that just work well together. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal. Oh and who doesn't like M&M's being washed down by pure hard whiskey. This vending machine has you covered if drunken candy binges are your vice!

You in The Market For Some Quick Used Panties?

It's no surprise that Japan has NEW panties available in the vending machines there... but what if you're a pantie connoisseur who has developed the taste for only the finest in USED panties. Well, there's a vending machine that has you covered you freakin' weirdo.

Cool Off With Some Refreshing Mashed Potatoes

If you happen to be hungry and on the go, there are plenty of vending machines that can give ya a quick snack, but what if you've got the hankerin' for some mashed potatoes and gravy? There's a vending machine for that too! Nothing is more delicious than watery mashed potatoes squirting out of a metal tube followed by the gravy money shot.

Holy Crap, Did You Forget Your Live Bait?

Nothing makes a day of fishing go well, quite like some living breathing bait. If you forgot this integral part of your fishing needs, fret not! You can now get leeches, night-crawlers and all kinds of live creepy crawlies right out of a vending machine. We are living in a truly blessed time period!

There you have it. You now know the complete and truest of wonders that a vending machine can bestow. Go forth and get your vend on!