Grand Rapids is a magical place. There are things like the renowned Art Prize, insane concerts... a river. It is also a city with plenty of people who know how to both wear costumes and use Youtube.

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    Grand Rapids Swing Dancing Green Man

    The huge success of the hit sitcom 'Sunny in Philadelphia' has reached all the corners of the globe. It has re-introduced us to our love for Danny DeVito as well as shown us the fun and wonders of wearing a creepy Green Man suit at huge public events.

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    Furry Fetish Enthusiasts Try to Break Snowboard

    Not really a bunch to say about this one, except that these guys probably have these costumes because every wednesday they go to a giant orgy where people in bizarre costumes have weird and depraved orgies.

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    Gorilla Beats Down Banana Near a Home Depot

    If you drove by and saw this happening after leaving the Home Depot, you can cease all of the wondering now. No, you probably weren't on acid when you saw a gorilla chasing a giant banana. If you were definitely on acid at the time of seeing this, we extend our deepest sympathies to your family, since it probably blew your mind to death.

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    Giant Chicken on Ecstacy Terrorizes the West Side

    This is exactly the reason that we here at WGRD have taken a staunch opposition to those who would take a giant chicken to a rave. Don't do that... last thing you need is a giant chicken trying to get all touchy feely with ya.

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    And There's Also This

    And who can forget this? The Satori Circus performance group from Detroit came rollin' into town. They brought with them whatever this is.