Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

30 Seconds To Mars, who may be the most melodramatic band in rock, are thinking about taking a long, overdue break. After touring for over a year in a half, the trio are ready to take some R&R.

Speaking to MTV News Canada (via Kerrang!), the band discussed how exhausted they are from non-stop touring to support their 2009 album, This Is War.

"We've been touring a long time man," drummer Shannon Leto stated. "I mean, look at us. We're broken down, sugar. We're tired."

When asked if 30STM are calling it quits, Shannon joked: "Nah, we'll probably just take a break for, I don't know, 10 years."

"A decade always seems to take the edge off," frontman Jared Leto chimed in.

Re-live 30 Seconds To Mars show at the Orbit Room last month. Personally, I think the band should take a 2-3 year break and then come back with a new album. That strategy seemed to work for Foo Fighters. What do you think?

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