30 Seconds To Mars will release four songs from their recent MTV Unplugged performance through a digital EP on August 23. The set will include songs from their 2009 album This Is War, as well as a cover of a classic U2 song.

Along with "Kings & Queens", "Hurricane" and "Night of the Hunter", 30STM take on U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" will be included in the collection. This might be the last release that fans will get for awhile as the band continues to make it unclear whether they will call it quits or not.

Frontman Jared Leto told MTV News that the trio won't make a decision until after they're done supporting This Is War.

"Yeah, and I mean, it's understandable why people would [think] that," Leto said. "We've been really thinking about the future, and life and opportunities and choices and, really, I think when we're done with this album cycle, then we'll be ready to address the future."

The singer continued: "It's been such an incredible, insane, crazy ride. It's been almost two years, all around the world more than a couple times. This global typhoon of shows and videos and creativity and madness. So, we need a little bit of time — I need a little time to catch my breath."

After non-stop touring for almost two years now, I think the guys in 30 Seconds To Mars deserve a little break.

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