This past weekend at the 28th Street Showplace, the 2014 West Michigan Gaming Convention took place for it's 2nd year. If you are a fan of table top gaming, Magic: The Gathering, and just gaming overall, this is the place you needed to be!

Last year when I checked this thing out, it was the first time they ever did it. There was of course many people there, but this year, the enthusiasm and the excitement for the event was higher than ever before! The welcoming I felt this year was extraordinary and really made you feel welcome in a world that most would feel 'uncomfortable' with.

I'll be honest, I have NO clue how to play Magic: The Gathering, but the amount of people that were participating in the events was crazy! When I looked over the crowd of people playing the game, all I saw were smiles

The new thing that they did this year was the Cosplay contest, which was judged by me, Metalhead Ned and Jackie. We didn't really know how it would turnout being the first year, but then we say some people with really cool costumes! My favorite being a dude dressed at an Umbrella Operative (or he was Hunk...not sure...). Regardless, this costume he had was massive and was incredibly detailed. They put on some really fun show and all deserved an award. I hope next year there will be cosplayers in the hundreds!

Being a video gamer, they had this HUGE trailer there that was filled with TV's just HOOKED UP with Xbox One, PS4, Wii, etc. It was the premiere 'Gaming Trailer.' I wouldn't mind having this thing for a party or whatever.

Although my time was short there, it was defiantly a place I would have just enjoyed hanging out at and playing games. If I were a Magic: The Gathering player, I would have been there all day! I enjoyed my time, and if they do it next year, I hope to even be more involved!

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