Metallica has been taking a lot of heat for a long time, and a lot of bands can't handle it for short amounts of time.  So, how is Metallica doing with it?

They're laughing their asses off.

When Bruce Dickinson made a jab at Metallica, when he said Maiden is better than Metallica.  Lars promptly responded, "I will never argue with that."  They both knew it was a bit of a wind-up, and they're all having fun with it.

Recently, they also got a lot of flack over their appearance at the Glastonbury festival, so they made a funny video in response, where they wore bear costumes and...well, watch the video below if you haven't seen it.  Funny.

The newest video from Metallica that'll make you laugh, is from ESPN.  Yes, ESPN.  They've been doing a lot of great commercials for the network, and this latest one features Metallica trying to find something to do, now that Mariano Rivera has retired.  Good stuff, enjoy!