"You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our auto mechanic specialists provide! We have years of experience working on both domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models and can work with you to find cost-effective repair and maintenance alternatives."

They at Thomsons Auto Repair Inc. can answer all your Auto Repair questions, including:

1) How do I know that my car needs just a tune up and that it is not something more serious?
2) How often do I really need to get my oil changed?
3)How so I know that it is time for new tires?
4)What is wrong with your car when the check engine light goes on?

Did you know that topping off your gas when you refuel can harm your vehicle? It’s okay to round off to the nearest nickel, but anything past that can damage your car.

Thomsons Auto Repair, serving you at 28th Street and on Kalamazoo Avenue, can help with your vehicle maintenance and auto prevention so you don’t end up with a larger repair in the future. Call them today at 281-5150 to make an appointment or contact them online.