Usually you hear about "size matters", and are assured it's a good thing to be bigger.  Women will always say to your face that it doesn't matter, and then laugh with their friends about the small guys.  To them, it's always better to be bigger.

But when it comes to the court system in Hungary?  Better to be average or small.

A 13-year-old boy is being tried as an adult, because adult prison doctors claim his junk JUST HAD to be that of someone at least 16!  I sense a little jealousy here.  How did they determine this?  Did they take a cross-section of it and count the rings?  WTF?

It totally doesn't matter to them that the boy's parents have all the proof of his birth and his age.  The boy was apparently 12 when he committed the crime of stealing a cell phone.  Now he's 13-Going-On-Life-In-Prison.

Tomas' family insists that he was 12 when the alleged crime took place, and paperwork checked when he crossed the Russian border supports this. Regardless, of, you know, facts, he was imprisoned.