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Working hard or hardly working!? My answer to that... "STFU! I'm playing Doom!" After you finish reading you will know the 11 flash games you need to play! Next time you get that dumb hardly working question, you can answer with your own variation of "STFU! I'm playing _______!"

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    That is one big effing gun!

    Following in the footsteps of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom was released in 1993 and was one of the pioneers into the genre of first person shooters (FPS). Newgrounds hosts the flash incarnation of this classic shooter for everyone to enjoy. Instead of filling papers or sending emails, waste your time at the office murdering zombies, daemons, and massive floating eyeballs. Doom offers a full arsenal of weaponry including a pistol, rocket launcher, and the holy grail of guns, the big effing gun (BFG)!
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    Bejeweled 3

    WTF, I spent 2 hours playing this game!?

    Bejeweled could be described as the modern, ADD version, of Tetris. Be cautious kids, this is one of those "once you pop, you can't stop" games. The game can be simply summed up as rapidly rotating your jewels in order to make lines of 3 or more matching jewels. Yes it may seem simple, but simple sometimes means highly addictive.
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    Realm of the Mad God

    Gauntlet on crack!

    If you liked Gauntlet for the NES, then this is the game for you. Fast paced 8-bit action in a massive multiplayer online experience. Navigate your character through several different realms defeating enemies and collecting items. Find secret caves with huge monsters and great loot to increase your characters effectiveness. The great thing about Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) is that you can play for 5 mins or you can play for 5 hours. ROTMG keeps track of your progress so that you can jump in and out of the game as you please.
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    Bloons Tower Defense 4

    Balloons, monkeys, bananas, and heavy artillery!

    As far as tower defense games go ,this is the cream of the crop. Balloons will flood down the path on the map into your stalwart defense of over a dozen of different tower and monkey defenders. Bloons Tower Defense 4 is one of the most popular tower defense games online and truly a flash game you need to play. With several different maps and difficulty levels, the replay value on this game is quite high.
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    Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

    Heavy metal meets pretty rainbows and unicorns =P

    Got 5 minutes and don't want to bother your brain with too much thinking? Then jump on board of Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal (RUAHM) and blast your way to victory in this side scrolling masterpiece. Only two keys are needed to play this game, but don't let it's simplicity fool you, it's quite challenging. Adult Swim has daily and all time leader boards set up, and you can share your high scores on Facebook.

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    Gap Monsters

    RAWRRRRRRR! Damn Gap Monster won't get in his hole!

    A strategy game like no other, Gap Monsters uses a basic grid like setup to puzzle your butt off. Much like Rubix Cubes, you think you have the solution... but you don't. Hours of non stop fun, or even just a few minutes to stimulate your noggin. Either way, enjoy the the puzzling headaches you will endure from Gap Monsters.
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    Plants Vs Zombies

    Brains... brains... SUNFLOWERS!!!

    Plants Vs Zombies is a variation on the classic tower defense genre. This game is a true innovation in tower defense and flash games. Plants Vs Zombies is one of the most downloaded iPhone apps of all time, and well worth a try. Gather sunlight and plant flowers to defend against wave after wave of undead zombies invading your front yard. Choose between dozens of different plants to defend your yard from varying types of zombies. If you have 30 minutes to blow on your lunch, I suggest you kill your time playing Plants Vs Zombies.
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    5 Minutes To Kill Yourself

    When that meeting reminder just makes you want to kill yourself...

    Holy macaroni! This is a good one, 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself was one of the first games that Adult Swim released on their website. The title pretty much explains the game... you have 5 minutes to kill yourself. The game opens as you receive an email requesting your attendance for a meeting in 5 minutes. The obvious response to this is commit suicide. Run around your office using different objects to bludgeon, electrocute, and stab yourself to death. This is truly the way to kill time at work.

    [Adult Swim]
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    Rack your brain with this puzzle game

    Entanglement is a 5 star puzzle game. The goal is to create the longest path you can without having your line touch the outside of the board. Each tile you place has several different paths in which your line can progress, so be careful. Hard to explain but extremely fun and challenging to play, check it out!
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    Paper airplanes for the win!

    Toss paper airplanes as far as you can! Ok... that is a little bit of an understatement. Craft your own custom paper airplane with a series of upgrades and power-ups. As you play, you earn money to purchase your upgrades and design the perfect paper airplane. Each level will increase your need to cover further and further distances. I give Flight five stars! While doing research for this blog, I found myself playing this highly addictive flash game for over an hour.
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    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds needs no introduction...

    The all time #1 download on iPhones all around the world is now available for free online! Angry Birds is a puzzle game where you launch birds into fortresses of evil pigs in order to save your eggs! This game is highly addictive, so be weary when you think about launching that first bird at your target. Angry Birds is truly a social phenomenon and an excellent game. If you haven't played this before YOU MUST PLAY IT NOW!