We truly live in strange times. Our age is also a dangerous one. You've got babies havin' babies. There is weird internet depravity running rampant. Children are having to adapt to this bizarre era of ours and some are flat out preparing for war... especially when it comes to their halloween candy.

A 28 year old ran across some trick or treaters and thought it would be cute to jokingly tell them that she was planning on stealing their candy. Little did she know that the son of Marvel Comics' "The Punisher" was among them. Upon hearing her make this threat... he pulled a gun on the woman to let her know how NOT funny her joke was.

The boy pointed the gun at her and told her "no!" She reported the incident to the police. It turns out that two kids in the group were packin' heat that they had stolen from their grandpa... The Punisher's father. Both weapons were recovered by the police and the boys still plan on killing someone someday ESPECIALLY if their candy or X-box is ever threatened again.