Hi everyone, I am back for my second round of League of Legends blogging. My first venture into the realm of LoL blogging was quite successful (thanks to everyone on reddit and the League NA forums for reading my work), so I decided to keep trying to give you interesting content.

This time I will be talking overpowered abilities, but with a twist...  I will give you 10 overpowered abilities and explain why their champs need them.  So before you go raging saying that "such in such ability is not overpowerd", or "ability x is much more OP than #2 on your list". Shhhhhhhh, this list is purely for entertainment and I only chose OP abilities that make the champ successful. SO NO NERD RAGE, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

That being said, if you have any suggestions about what you think is an OP ability, feel free to comment below!

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    Cho'Gath - Feast

    Devours a target nearby enemy unit dealing 300 / 475 / 650 (+0.7 per ability power) true damage. Feast always deals 1000 (+0.7 per ability power) true damage to minions and monsters. If the target is killed, Cho'Gath grows and gains 90 / 120 / 150 extra health per stack. This effect stacks up to 6 times and Cho'Gath loses half his stacks rounded up upon death.

    Feast is the single largest true damage nuke in the game. And in addition to being the largest true damage nuke, it also doubles as a beefed up smite if used on minions or monsters. This ability if combo'd correctly with your Q and W can drop you from half health to dead in an instant. In addition to the damage, it also adds a stacking health buff to Cho'Gath. Hell yeah this is an overpowered ability! But Cho'Gath needs this, not only to be successful as a tank but to make him viable as a jungler too.

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    Karthus - Requiem

    After channeling for 3 seconds, Karthus deals 250 / 400 / 550 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage to all enemy champions.

    One of the few global ultimates that survived from the great global nerf of 2011. The damage on this ability is negligible at first, but soon becomes very recognizable. Requiem is one of the few abilities left in the game that lets a champion participate in a skirmish from across the map. Why won't this ability get nerfed you ask? Because it would break Karthus, he is a damage machine and this is his knockout punch! In order to be successful with Karthus, you need to blow your proverbial wad all over the enemy team. Then while you are dead, drop the knockout punch with Requim!

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    Alistar - Unbreakable Will

    Alistar instantly removes all crowd control effects from himself. He also gains 60 / 75 / 90 bonus attack damage and takes 50 / 60 / 70 % reduced physical and magic damage for 7 seconds.

    Even after the nerf bat, this ability is still the single best tanking ability in the game. Unbreakable Will makes Alistar the tankiest champion on the field of justice. How is tanking 4-5 tower hits at level 6 not overpowered? In addition to the damage reduction, Unbreakable Will also gives him a respectable AD buff. This ability is the only reason why Alistar can play support, and is probably the only reason Alistar is viable at all. When you play support, you need to be item independent. And with Alistar's play style, you need to be in the middle of the enemy team. So how can you do this when you have only GP10 items and wards? One answer... Unbreakable Will!

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    Zilean - Chrono Shift

    Marks an ally champion or himself with a protective time rune for 7 seconds. If the target takes lethal damage during this time, instead of dying, they will be untargettable and remain in stasis for 2 seconds and then they return to life regaining 600 / 850 / 1100 (+2.0 per ability power) health.

    Free GA for anyone on your team with a rapidly reducing CD. Nice! Turn a 5v5 into a 5v6, check! Zilean's Chrono Shift can take a perfect focus by the enemy team and completely negate it. Ouch! Chrono Shift also received the nerf bat recently, but it still is quite the powerful ability. Zilean needs this ability to stay viable, the rest of his kit is lackluster and this is his saving grace. Zilean is almost all utility, and Chrono Shift is the reason why he is still a viable champion.

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    Fiddlesticks - Crowstorm

    Fiddlesticks targets a nearby location and then channels for 1.5 seconds. After the channel, he then flashes to the target location with a murder of crows flying wildly around him for 5 seconds, dealing 125 / 225 / 325 (+0.45 per ability power) magic damage to all enemy units in the area each second.

    Caw Caw Caw! A blink AOE that drops tons of deeps? Yes please! Crowstorm is the perfect compliment to Fiddle's kit. Pop on in and fear the closest dps champ, then silence the entire enemy team. All this while you drain enough health to sustain tons of damage. Yikes! This is another one of those abilities that has never been truly balanced, it is either way too little or way too much damage. Although, Fiddle absolutely needs an ability like this! He is one of the squishiest mages in the game, so if he doesn't have one of the highest damage outputs then he is just not viable.

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    Singed - Insanity Potion

    Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him a flat 35 / 50 / 65 increase to his combat stats: ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health and mana regeneration per 5, and 10 / 15 / 20 % crowd control reduction for 25 seconds.

    Insanity Potion should be called invulnerability potion, because that is pretty much what it does. After Insanity Potions rework, it has become one of my favorite abilities in the game. At max rank you get +65 to ALL OF YOUR STATS! How is that not insanely OP? You can't catch Singed with his ulti activated. You can't kill Singed with his ulti activated. And you can't CC Singed with his ulti activate... OP! But, because of Singed's relatively weak kit, this ability is really needed. Also Singed's play style needs him to be inside the enemy team for him to be effective. Insanity Potion is the ONLY reason why Singed is viable.

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    Kassadin - Riftwalk

    Kassadin blinks to a nearby location, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 (+0.5 per ability power) magic damage to surrounding enemy units. Each subsequent Riftwalk in the next 7 seconds costs 100 additional mana and deals 60 / 90 / 120 additional damage. The cost and damage can stack up to 10 times.

    Blink, silence, slow, blink, gone, QQ. That is what you have to deal with if you are against Kass mid. When you stop and think about Riftwalk you realize that other than Akali's ulti, this is the lowest CD blink in the game. What makes it better than Akali's ulti is that you can cast it virtually infinitely with blue buff. And while you cast it, the damage keeps stacking. If a Kassadin gets fed, Riftwalk allows him to pretty much shot anyone on the enemy team. Riftwalk gives Kassadin the ability to drop some serious damage if the combos correctly. On the other hand, if Kassadin didn't have Riftwalk, he would be trash. As one of the few melee casters in the game, Kassadin needs this gap closer AOE blink in order to be viable and effective.

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    Vayne - Silver Bolts

    Vayne's consecutive attacks and spell hits on a target will mark them with a silver ring. The third consecutive attack or spell hits against the same target will deal 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 additional true damage plus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 % of the target's maximum health as true damage. True damage against monsters is capped at 200. The rings on a target are lost after 3 seconds of not attacking them or upon attacking a different target.

    Percentage health true damage!? WTF!? Silver Bolts rips through any sort of resistance and doesn't discriminate against high HP targets. One of the best AD carry abilities in the game. Especially since before a team fight their is usually some poking going on, and this ability allows for Vayne to poke like a BAWS! If Vayne didn't have Silver Bolts, the rest of his kit is ho-hum. Vayne needs Silver Bolts to be successful.

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    Jax - Equipment Mastery

    Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment: Jax gains 3 health per point of bonus attack damage. Jax gains 2 health per point of ability power.

    Who wants free gold? Jax does! This is one of those abilities that Riot claims they hate because it gives players an unfair gold advantage at early levels. But then why did you just release a new mage champ that gains armor from ability power? But anyway, back to Jax's passive. Equipment Mastery is the ultimate in hybrid abilites, allowing Jax to build all damage items and still stay tanky. Even though this ability is OP, if you don't know how to play Jax then you will fail. Does Jax really need this passive? Perhaps, and then again, perhaps not.

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    Morgana - Black Shield

    Places a shield around target friendly champion, absorbing 95 / 160 / 225 / 290 / 355 (+0.7 per ability power) magic damage and preventing disables while the shield holds. Lasts 5 seconds or until the shield has been depleted.

    This is one of those items that has never been balanced properly. It has gone from the best ability in the game, to crap, and back to the most powerful shield in the game. I put this ability #1 on the list because Morgana is currently the flavor of the month. Black Shield not only absorbs magic damage, but it also prevents disables!? OP!! Need your tank to initiate without being stunned or snared? Want your carry to roam freely dropping mad deeps on the enemy team? Need to shield yourself so you can flash in the middle of the enemy team and penta-stun the hell out of them? Black Shield is the answer to your problems! Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only reason why Morgana needs this ability, is to still be viable as a support?