Growing up, there was a lot of hit or miss items that showed up on grocery store shelves that were either really good or really bad. Some of these items you will see and say, "Oh man! Those were so good!" Or you might be happier just forgetting they ever existed. Either way, here is a good list of foods that you may have forgot, but will make your mouth water wondering why we don't see them anymore.

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    This soda was amazing! I still miss it to this day. Staying up all night during my childhood, playing Super Mario RPG (SNES) and drinking 2-liters of this green nectar was one of my favorite memories of this fine soda. This drink is still popular today as the SURGE MOVEMENT continues, dedicated to bringing back what was taken from them in the early 2000's. I hope someday, that we will "FEED THE RUSH" once again.

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    Dorito 3D's

    These things were pretty awesome, but it really did bring out the question of, "Why?" Basically think of a normal Dorito chip, stick a bike pump in the chip, and watch it blow up like a balloon, and BOOM! You have a 3D Dorito! Think of your typical chip, you grab them by the handful and eat a bunch at one time, right? With 3D Dorito's, you really couldn't do that because they were bigger than your average chip. So they went away, and I'm not sure if anyone really cared. How could you make Nachos with these things anyway?!?!

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    Hi-C Ecto Cooler

    When drinks are green, why are they usually better? Surge, Vault, Mountain Dew, etc. They just are! Well, Ecto Cooler was amazing! It was a tie in product to the Ghostbusters franchise and it tasted great. Honestly though, what was Ecto Cooler actually? Slimer Splooge? Anyway, I always looked forward to this greatness in my lunch box my mother packed for me as a kid. Ecto Cooler even outlasted the Ghostbusters craze in the early 1990's, that is how good it was. When Ghostbusters 3 hits theatres (in some lifetime), I really hope they bring this greatness back, with extra VITAMIN C!

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    Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup

    When I first saw this product hit the shelves, I was beyond the "kid" age, and I thought "Hey, that is pretty cool." I never did try it though. From what I heard, most Ketchup consumers, they hated it! This is the perfect example of, "Don't mess with a good thing." Ketchup is one of the most consumed condiments of all time, and always will be. So when the different colors of Ketchup were introduced, it threw people off completely. When do you look at a hot dog and smother it with a purple/green/blue substance that is supposedly ketchup? If it was green, it looked like your food had mold on it. So it quickly faded away, but kids enjoyed the cool colors! In the end though, kids aren't buying the ketchup...the parents are.

  • 5

    Pepsi Blue

    "Blue" at this point in life could not only be considered a color, but a flavor as well. Pepsi Blue was strange Berry Flavored soda that was pretty decent, but I couldn't drink more than one per day. This product came out when I worked my first job at Berlin Raceway as a Food Vendor (Yea, the guy holding a huge crate of food and crawling up steps to feed you that made only commission on what I sold). I was told to fill my crate with Pepsi Blue and sell it...that night I made barely any money....why? No one wanted it. Pepsi Blue had it's fans, but like Crystal faded away and no one really remembers it.

  • 6

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie

    Yes, I have eaten a Turtle Pie...basically sounds like I am eating turtle crap...which is weird. These came out around the height of popularity for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the late 80's early 90's. It was a basic fruit pie form, but was filled with vanilla pudding and it had a green glaze. It looked awesome as a kid, but you were basically eating a pudding pie that was green. As a kid, this thing sucked...unless you liked vanilla pudding. What do kids like though? CANDY!!! Turtle Pie was not candy...I'll pass...

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    WWF Super-Star Bars

    I wasn't a big wrestling fan until WCW showed up on TNT, so sadly I missed the boat when it came to these Super-Star Bars. What was a Super-Star bar? Basically just an ice cream bar that had a cookie outside imprinting with your favorite WWF super-stars. Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Macho Man, you name it. They do however have a cult following though, many wrestling fans would love to enjoy these bars again. Even during normal broadcast of WWF, you would see the wrestlers promoting the bars and even eating them. I'm sure if you asked Shaffee about these, he would remember them!

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    Crispy M&M's

    M&M's will always be a staple in candy forever. They will always have Peanuts and Plain, but what about Crisp M&M's? They were so damn good! I know today we have Pretzel M&M's and they are pretty close to what the Crisp M&M's were, but I liked these better. They were very short lived, but I consumed the living heck out of these things.

  • 9

    Nintendo Cereal System

    When the NES hit the shelves, Mario and Link hit the mainstream and were insanely successful! So successful that Mario and Link even got their own cereal. It was nothing really special, but one thing that is to be noted about this cereal is that it came with 2 different bags in one box. So if you opened both bags at one time, but only wanted the Mario cereal, you ended up with Link cereal all over the floor! How *&^$ing annoying man! Plus a waste of cereal and money.

  • 10


    Dunkaroos...dipping cookies in frosting for lunch, how much healthier can you get?!?! The commercial for this item honestly is what got me into this fine product. In a package, you got a small pool of frosting and about 8 billion cookies. Problem? You never had enough frosting for all of the cookies! When you grab a cookie, you load that *#&%@ with frosting. Before you know it, all of your frosting is gone after 2 cookies, and you have 10 cookies left. GIVE ME MORE FROSTING YOU DAMN KANGAROO! Incorrect portions aside, these were still good.